Auto Accessories

Warranty is limited to defects in workmanship and subject to manufactures warranty. All painted or plated surfaces including, but not limited to: any products that are powder-coated, zinced or painted, or any surface that may be worn away and damaged by road wear and debris in normal use are generally non-warrantable, ask your CSR for more details.

Auto Body Shop

The Comp Shop is solely and exclusively responsible for the warranty and workmanship on this specific repair. Therefore, in the event that you require warranty repairs: The warranty applies to the herein listed customer, and it continues for as long as he/she owns this vehicle. It is non-transferable, and it covers Labour and materials completed by the Comp Shop. Parts and sublets are subject to its original manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty does not cover rust or rust repairs, normal wear and tear, or damage due to environmental factors (i.e. gravel chips). It does not cover improper maintenance, abnormal use, negligence, subsequent damage, fire or other casualties, and does not cover repairs not performed by The Comp Shop Facility. If repairs are altered by anyone other than staff of qualified and active Comp Shop facility, this warranty is null and void.

Auto Detailing

We warranty our detailing workmanship. If you are not satisfied with your vehicle detailing, we will do it again. There are no warranties that extend beyond the agreement expressed.

Auto Glass

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our glass installation.

Diamond Kote

Has been in the auto beauty industry since 1968. We value the longevity of our business and the high perception customers have of our quality. Highly trained and well-chosen staff upholds quality control of which we use multiple stages of efficient checklist ensuring your vehicle reaps the benefits of first-time-right-service Our team also uses key performance indicators ensuring your vehicle is being skillfully worked on and is completed on time. If by any means you are unsatisfied please bring your vehicle in for a staff member to look at.